The Holy Scriptures

01 The Holy Scriptures

All Scripture is inspired by God.

02 Verbal Plenary Inspiration

Each and every word is given by God.

03 Human Penman of the Word of God

God is the force behind the humans used to pen the Word of God.

04 The Power of the Word of God

The Word of God is quick and powerful.

07 Revealing God Through the Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments reflect the character of God

08 Inerrancy of the Word of God

God’s word is perfect and without error

09 Accuracy of God’s Word

The Bible is proven correct scientifically and historically.

10 They Are Without Excuse

When we leave who God is, we open ourselves to immorality and sin.

11 The Preservation of the Word of God

Preservation is also a supernatural doctrine

12 Historical Evidence of the Preservation of Scripture

History shows that the text we use is perfectly preserved.

13 Biblical Interpretation

The Holy Spirit is the best teacher.

14 The Form of Sound Words

Use the actual language of scripture.

15 History of the English Bible

Our Bible has a rich history.