Pastor Scotty Backhaus

Backhaus Family

Before I came to know the Lord, even as a little kid, I knew there was something missing. I didn’t need convincing that I was a sinner. There was an emptiness that I couldn’t seem to fill. I grew up in a home that wasn’t necessarily a Christian home, but instead, it was a moral home. Jesus Christ was only spoken of every now and again, and not on a continual basis.

Then I was invited to go to a Vacation Bible School in Plano, Texas. On the final day of Vacation Bible School, the preacher opened up the Bible and showed us what God said about Heaven. I learned that my sins had separated me from God, and because of my sins I was deserving of an eternal punishment. After that, the preacher told us some good news. We were shown from the Bible that Jesus had died to take my place, and pay my punishment. All that was left was for me to do was to personally take that free gift God was offering me, and give Jesus permission to pay for my sins. I still remember that day, even the pew I sat on, when I bowed my head and accepted what Jesus had done for me.

Immediately things were different. That emptiness I had felt, even as a little child, was now filled. I had hope and joy, but more importantly I had Jesus. I began to talk to Him in prayer and saw Jesus answer my prayers and draw me closer to Him. I’m glad I knew someone that knew for sure they were going to heaven, and opened the Bible to show me how I could know for sure. I’m glad I didn’t think it was too personal or was a smart-aleck about spiritual things. My life has changed, and I’m forever grateful that Christ is real in my life every day.

I remember the pastor following up with my family and me and speaking to me about baptism. Because of my age, he spent time making sure I had really trusted Christ. At the time I didn’t understand about working with children and the gospel, but I remember thinking every time he asked me if I was really saved, that of course I was, I had accepted Christ. This has always been a great assurance to me, to go back and remember that I knew I was saved and Christ was in my life even as a child.


Mrs. Leah Backhaus

I was born and raised in a pastor’s home. My parents had a desire for me to know God, and taught me at a young age to read my Bible, how to pray, and go to church. There was, however, something missing in my life.

When I was twelve years old, my father preached on “Possessing Christ or Professing Christ”. Many times in our lives we can act like we have Christ, meaning that we go to church, dress right, talk right, and even have acknowledge of who God is. On the outside we profess that we are a Christians. Possessing Christ is knowing that you have trusted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and He dwells within you. For the first time in my life, I started wondering where I would be spending eternity. I was doing everything that I had to do to look like a Christian, even though, I wasn’t for sure where I was spending eternity.

A couple of years passed by, and my mother, stopped me one day, and asked if I had been reading my Bible. I told her that I had been reading so that I would not get into trouble. Then she asked me what I did about the days that I missed reading my Bible. I told her that I made it up the next day, which wasn’t true. She started to praise me and told me that she was thankful that I was reading my Bible. I was in trouble, and I knew that God had a big spotlight on me that day, and I knew I needed help. As I was about to leave, I turned around told her the truth. I told her that I didn’t know where I was spending eternity, and this was is why I wasn’t reading my Bible. My mother showed me again from the Bible how I could know my sins were forgiven. That day I trusted Jesus, as my personal Savior!

Since that day, my life has been different! Instead of being made to read my Bible, I wanted to read my Bible. Instead of being made to pray, I wanted to have a time that I could talk with God. Instead of being made to go to church, I wanted to go to church to learn more about God. Most of all God has given me the peace and assurance that when I die, that heaven will be my home!