The Treasures of Darkness

01 The Treasures of Darkness

In the midst of the darkness, our God will reveal treasures to us.

02 His Ways Are Past Finding Out

God’s wisdom is based on God’s knowledge.

03 At Wit’s End

Trouble, affliction and heartache borne in the spirit of Christ produce greatness in a man’s life.

05 God is Always at Work

It may be that God is working in the most unlikely place and in the most unlikely way, but He is at work.

06 Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

God will lead us and be with us, even through the valley

07 God Bears Us On Eagles’ Wings

When we fail our Heavenly Father is there to bear us on His wings

08 The Road to Jerusalem goes Through Ziklag

Ziklag is where we learn to wait on God and find divine direction from Him.

09 Out of the Eater Came Forth Meat

Out of the animal that should have eaten him came something for Samson to eat.

10 His Way is Perfect

Because God delights in us He can and wants to direct our path.

11 Passing Through the Valley of Baca

It is better to be a door keeper in the house of the Lord and have God’s presence.

12 The School of Hunger

The school of hunger teaches people obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

13 God Meant it Unto Good

What men meant for evil, God turned it into good.