Life and Ministry of the Apostle Paul

01 The Just Shall Live By Faith

Either we live our life by faith or we live our life by force.

02 A Jew from Tarsus

Paul’s background prepared him to be a special instrument used by God.

03 Characteristics of a Spirit-Filled Man

Stephens life is an example of the Spirit-filled life.

04 On the Road to Damascus

The conversion of Saul was one of the most important historical events.

05 Three Years in Discipleship

Discipleship is developing the habit of obedience to Christ.

06 Barnabas – Son of Consolation

Barnabas was identified with Christ as a great comforter.

07 The Call of God

God has a perfect, acceptable will for everyone’s life.

08 Saul to Paul

Being Filled with the Holy Spirit.

09 There They Preached the Gospel

Miracles will happen when the Gospel is preached.

10 The Work of God is Our Mission

We should know the Biblical expectations of a missionary

11 Jerusalem Council

The fate of understanding salvation by grace stood in the balance at this meeting

12 Silas a Chief Man Among the Brethren

Your greatest ability is your availability.

13 Paul Rebukes Peter

Our behaviour preaches its own message.

14 John Mark – The Recovered Backslider

Even if we fail, God still desires to use us; if we let Him.

15 Timothy – Investing in Eternity

Our faith must be diligently taught to the next generation.

16 The Macedonian Call – Waiting on God

We need God’s guidance, for our decisions have more lasting consequences than we realize.

17 The Philippian Jailer – What Goes on in the Ministry

The Ministry cac have many obstacles, however, it is worth it to watch God get victories.

18 Dr Luke

Use the talents God gave you for His glory.

19 The Word of God was Preached

Biblical preaching is preaching God’s Word to bring people to a place of decision

22 Corinth – Clean From the Blood

Telling Prople about Christ is the clear command given to us.

23 I Thessalonians – Waiting for His Son

The doctrine of the second coming of Christ is a comforting doctrine.

24 II Thessalonians – The Lord Jesus Shall Be Revealed

The doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ should cause us to work more not less.

25 Hebrews – Christ The New and Living Way

Telling people about Christ is the clear command given to us.

26 Apollos – Mighty in the Scriptures

The scripture is the most important thing to stand on.

27 School of One Tyrannus

The benefits to training men and women for the ministry

28 Aristarchus – Fellow Prisoner

Aristarchus was a man dedicated to supporting the man of God in his life.

29 Galatians – Liberty Through the Gospel

We have freedom to choose to follow Christ because of the gosple.

30 I Corinthians – Rebuking the Carnal Man

A carnal christian may be saved, but is currently living in the flesh.

31 II Corinthians – Comfort in the Darkest Hour

In our darkest hour, God is there to give us grace and comfort for the purpose of helping others trust in God.

32 The First Day of the Week

We are to take the Lord’s Day and honor it for the Lord’s sake.

33 Titus – Partner and Fellow Helper

Titus was a man of integrity, discretion and zeal that could be trusted to help a church spiritually.

41 The Formula for Trembling

Paul reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgement to come.

42 What to do About a Problem Like Paul

If it was hard for Festus to explain to Caesar, imagine how hard it will be to explain to God.

45 Colossians – The Preeminence of Christ

There is always a constant push to remove Christ as the head.

46 Philemon – From Unprofitable to Profitable

There was a time when we were unprofitable to anyone but God changed us.

47 Epaphroditus – Not Regarding His Life

He gave his life and health for the cause of Christ.

48 Philippians – Joy in Jesus Christ

Joy is a peace in our hearts and a trust in God.

49 Who is One of You

There are many types of people in a church.