Why has Riverview Baptist moved to Seymour, Wisconsin?

In October of 2011, the Riverview Baptist Church had been prayerfully planning to purchase an existing building. Riverview Baptist Church held services at a commercial site in De Pere, but encountered zoning and occupancy issues that could not be resolved.  The church is currently in a debt free building program in the Town of Oneida.

This decision required many months of prayer, counsel and evaluation of the goals of Riverview Baptist Church. The church looked at several locations that spanned a 22 mile radius, but ultimately sought the Lord through prayer for His will and the location of the church.

Goals that were established for the Riverview Baptist Church:

  1. Get closer to our church property for future completion of the new building.
  2. Buying property verses leasing to build equity: the Riverview Baptist Church has leased and rented for nearly 10 years.
  3. A larger building for growth that would be zoned for the church. This would eliminate the current zoning and occupancy reasons for the move of the church.
  4. Affordability, so as not to affect the current church budget. It was our prayer that the mortgage payment would be equal to what the church is paying in rent.
  5. The cost of preparing the building for the church services. Major costs would hinder the purpose of buying and investing if the church is to be built on Riverview Baptist Church property of 5 Acres: this was not the case in the purchase of the building in Seymour.

Church Location Prospects were evaluated based on the above criteria.

216 North Main Street, Seymour, Wisconsin:

  1. Location is 8 miles from Riverview Baptist Church property located on County Road EE.
  2. Buy: the purchase was much less than a lease if a lease was available that met this criteria. This purchase was equal to the former monthly rent and operation costs in utilities.
  3. The building is nearly 1,000 square foot larger than the previous rented space; this is more space to serve the Lord.
  4. Adequate parking.
  5. Purchased building met zoning and occupancy guidelines for a church.
  6. There was a minimum cost to move.

The city of Seymour was not initially considered in our placement decision due to another Baptist Church ministering there. After much prayer, counsel, and research that encompassed a radius of 22 miles, Riverview Baptist was directed back to the city of Seymour. We feel the Lord closed all other doors for meeting places to lease and/or buy.

Many facets of this decision were reviewed by Pastor Shawn Suri, the church family, third party ministries and local area Pastors.

A 100 % vote was taken by the members Riverview Baptist Church to move to the Seymour location and to continue this ministry in the Oneida/Seymour area. We are glad to be a part of this community and look forward to sharing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in Seymour, Wisconsin.