In Service of the House of the Lord
April 23, 2024

In Service of the House of the Lord

Passage: Ezra 7:11-28
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Ezra 7:11-28
The phrase " the service of the house of God” appears eighteen times in Ezra's writings. Ezra was conscious that everything he did and emphasized in the ministry God gave him was centered on the House of God. Jeremiah had written a history of the Hebrews kingdom in 1 & 2 Kings. The emphasis of Jeremiah in history was on the office of the prophet and the kings. Ezra was led by the Lord to record another history of the Southern Kingdom, this time the emphasis on the priests and the Temple. Over and over in the history of 2 Chronicles the phrase is recorded “In service of the House of the Lord”. The history of 2 Chronicles especially reminds people how important the House of the Lord is and emphasizes the service in God’s house.

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