07 The Coverings of the Tabernacle
May 1, 2024

07 The Coverings of the Tabernacle

Passage: Exodus 26:1-27
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Exodus 26:1-27
The coverings of the tabernacle, as described in Exodus 26:1-14, symbolically point to Jesus Christ. The inner curtains, made of fine twisted linen adorned with images of cherubim, represent Christ's sinless righteousness, divinity, royalty, and blood atonement. These attributes are only visible to those who enter through the door and approach the altar, reflecting how Christ's true beauty is revealed to believers who seek Him. The outer coverings, including ram's skin and seal skins, further illustrate Christ's consecration and the contrast between His inner glory and outward appearance, mirroring Isaiah 53:2-3. Just as the Tabernacle concealed its splendor from outsiders, so too is Christ often unrecognized by the world until one enters into a relationship with Him.

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