Vision of the Work

01 There They Preached the Gospel

The Gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ

02 Christ and His Coworkers

As we go out, God goes before us, with us, and works after us.

03 Knew that the Lord was God

Character study of Manasseh, who was evil but God still saved him, God is able to save anyone, no matter what they have done.

07 Three Years in Discipleship

The Apostle Paul was trained by the Lord before going out and doing the work.

08 The School of One Tyrannus

There are benefitS of training men and women for the ministry.

09 Joshua Moses’ Minister

Before Joshua lead the people to the promised land, he made himself the servant of Moses for 40 years

10 The Calling of Elisha

Elisha was trained by Elijah before he was used by God

11 Timothy – Investing in Eternity

Timothy was Paul’s son in the faith who was trained and discipled by Paul and used by the Lord.

12 The Work of God is Our Mission

The Bible clearly defines the work missionaries are to do

13 All Nations “Unreached Peoples”

There are people who needed to hear the gospel

14 Grace Giving

We are to give above and beyond our tithes to help missions around the world

16 Must You Die Before Becoming a Soul-Winner

We all will be concerned for souls some time, why not now?