Single Sermons

Wedding Pictures

The Gospel always produces a reaction and has results.

The Biggest If

The importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Memorial Supper

The Lord’s Supper helps us to think of the Lord’s death.

Sign of the Linen Girdle

Sin makes us dirty and keeps from being close to the Lord.

The Faith of Jochebed

God has given mothers a great responsibility.

Jesus’ Long Day

Even in Jesus’ busy schedule He found time to pray.

Do You Love Your Master?

If we love our Biblical authority there will be obvious proofs

Hosea’s Family

We have a God who is broken-hearted from sin, however, there is always hope.


Jesus Christ is Our Hope!

Saul – The Lord Hath Rejected Thee

Pride caused Saul to reject the Lord

What Do You Want For Your Life?

You will give your life to something, the best it to give your life for the Lord’s sake.

Let Him Glory in the Lord

Salvation may seem foolish to man, however it is made so only God gets the glory.

Is It Well?

Even when circumstances are falling apart around us, it can be well with our soul

Have You Been Caught Praying

Daniel prayed faithfully and didn’t change in spite of the circumstances. Because of Daniel’s faithfulness God blessed and protected him!

He Remembered to Say Thank You

There are dangers of not being thankful.

What to Do When You Have Doubts

When doubts come, protect your mind and run to Jesus!

Go Home

After he met with Jesus, the possessed man was sitting, clothed and in his right mind.

Have Ye Not Read?

There are things Jesus expected people not only to read in the Bible, but understand what it says.

I Put Away Childish Things

We are considered and adult when we decided to take care of someone else without any hope of return.


We cannot make someone believe like we do. The only tool we have in ourselves is influence.

Responsibilities of a Spiritual Father

Anyone can birth a child, but it take a parent to raise a child.

The Battle is Not Yours

One of the evidences that you are trusting the Lord is “can you sing?”