Pastoral Epistles

01 Timothy, My Own Son in the Faith

Timothy was Paul’s son in the faith. When you invest in discipleship, you invest in eternity.

02 Teach No Other Doctrine

The pastor is responsible for who is teaching and what is being taught.

03 Christ Jesus Came into the World to Save Sinners

Your personal testimony has three parts: what you life was like before you came to know the Lord, how you came to know the Lord, and what your life was like after you came to know the Lord.

04 War a Good Warfare

Warfare is real. We don’t need to quit the fight, but press on in the victory we have in Jesus Christ.

05 Good and Acceptable in the Sight of God

It is good and acceptable to pray for everyone, to witness to everyone and to follow God’s will.

06 Women Professing Godliness

Women who profess godliness will show up in their dress and their demeanor.

07 Qualifications of Pastors

The Pastor is specifically called by God to oversee the flock.

08 Qualifications of Deacons

The deacons are to serve around the church so the pastor can give himself to prayer and the Word of God.