02 Be Strong and of Good Courage

It takes strength and good courage to obey God’s word. This is the first step in preparing for victory in Jesus!

03 The Faith of Rahab

Faith always produces action

13 The Day the Sun Stood Still

We have a big God capable of answering big prayers.

14 Caleb, Wholly Followed the Lord

Following the Lord is living by faith.

15 Cities of Refuge

There is a Person we can run to for protection.

16 The Altar Ed

In order to serve the true God separation is necessary.

23 To Prove Israel

We are in a warfare against the world, the flesh, and the devil. God sometimes allows us to be proved or tried, to see if we will do what is right.

25 Ruth and Orpah

To make no decision is to make the wrong decision.

26 Boaz The Kinsman Redeemer

Jesus Christ is the Redeemer who had the right, the power and the willingness to purchase our price.

27 Shamgar

Winning one battle isn’t enough to win the war, we must stay on the firing line. in due season we shall reap if we faint not.

30 Gideons Fleece

The Word of God is better than signs and wonders.

32 Neither Shewed They Kindness to the House of Gideon

There is a proper way to honor the Biblical leader and Judges 8 lists the improper way to honor the Biblical leader.

33 God Rendered the Wickedness of Abimelech

For to be carnally minded is death.

36 Hannah – For this Child I Prayed

God is big enough to answer impossible prayers.

37 El De’ot The of Knowledge

The fact that God knows everything should comfort and warn us.

38 Samson A Nazarite unto God

Samson A Nazarite unto God

39 Responding to the Word of God

A Biblical decision must be personal, practical and measurable.

40 Out of the Eater Came Forth Meat

Things that should devour us, in fact makes us more Christ-like

41 The glory is Departed from Israel

The key to God’s presence is not activity, it’s spending time with the Lord.

42 The Philistines Took the Ark of God

God is always at work, even if we don’t see Him.

43 Samson’s Exploits

In all the victories God provides, don’t forget to be thankful.

44 The Lord Was Departed From Him

No matter how much the Lord uses us sin will bring us down

45 Ebenezer – The Stone of Help

Revival is our hearts set on obedience to the Lord, as God pours out a blessing.