01 The Life of Jeremiah

You cannot separate the man from the message

02 I Knew Thee

Before Jeremiah was born, God knew him and had a plan for Jeremiah’s life.

03 Why Is He Spoiled

My people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit.

04 Return Thou Backsliding Israel

The easiest thing in the world to get right with God is the one thing we refuse to do – Confess!

05 Break Up The Fallow Ground

Our response to God is dependent upon how hard or prepared our hearts are.

06 My People Love to Have It So

People do not want to love and obey the Lord, however, our only tool to reach them is the Word of God.

07 Slightly Part 1

A “slightly” religion gives us a worse life and not a better one.

08 Jeremiah Lamented for Josiah

Character study of Josiah: Reform without Revival

09 Sign of the Yoke

Character study of Josiah: Reform without Revival

10 False Trusts That Cannot Profit

Trusting in the Lord always profits.

11 Slightly Part 2

A slightly religious life hurts us, the world and God

12 We Are Not Saved

The cause of the problems is people did not want to know God. The solution: to know God!

13 There is None Like Thee, O Lord

There is no other God like our God who is real, who made the world who wants to forgive us.

14 This House Like Shiloh

The simple choice we all have is to obey God’s word or not. There are blessings or consequences for those decisions.