How many Baptist churches in the State of Wisconsin do you know have an effective soul-winning program? Over the years, we have attempted doing our soul-winning like most main line independent Baptist churches, but the struggle is having a very poor involvement of church folks. The N.E.T.S. Soul-winning Program concept we have used the past four years has been effective in getting over 75% of our church involved at some level of soul-winning.

It is called N.E.T.S: Needing to Tell of Salvation

N.E.T.S. is a unique program designed to encourage and facilitate the involvement of every member in the soul winning ministry of the local church. In most churches, there are few that are actively participating in the soul winning effort of the church. There are a variety of reasons for this including schedule. Often, a specific day and time is designated for the entire church, but the time is not feasible for each member. Obviously, everyone’s schedule is not the same!

Another reason has to do with the uniqueness of the individual Christian’s abilities and or limitations. An elderly member may not have the physical stamina to go door-to-door but they can pray. A family raising young children may be available to distribute literature together but find it difficult to attend the weekly visitation meeting. The N.E.T.S. program seeks to eliminate these and other hindrances by facilitating “anytime and every member evangelism”. Thus the soul winning ministry of the local church can be both flexible and organized. There are four soul winning teams in the N.E.T.S. program, each under the direction of qualified and faithful team leaders.

  1. Team Supplication
  2. Team Saturation
  3. Team Salutation
  4. Team Salvation

The first team involves what we could call “up reach” or prayer. It’s been said thatGod about men. The remaining three teams are directly focused on “outreach”, we will never talk effectively to men about God until we learn to talk effectively to some distribute gospel literature, while others engage people in conversation about their souls. One of the things we must make clear from the beginning is that the N.E.T.S. soul-winning program will not be successful without the power of God, and without a balanced system of reporting and accountability between those involved, the team leaders, and the pastor.

Every year, we host a Soul-winning Kick-off not only to reach the homes of the lost but to encourage other like-faith Christians to join in giving to gospel to “every creature”. (Mark 16:15)

Thank you for your encouraging note and the good report of how the N.E.T.S. program has been a blessing to your church. Absolutely feel free to post the information about N.E.T.S. on your website. I am in the process of updating and expanding the material and I will let you know when that is complete. In the meantime feel free to stay in touch and pass along any suggestions to improve this. Perhaps some ways in which you employ this successfully. May God richly bless you in your ministry.

Brian Thiessen, Pastor
Mississauga International Baptist Church