Wherever you are in your relationship with God, you will find others like you here. God has given us a beautiful building, but our church is not a building. It’s people – people like you.

Where do I go when I arrive?

Visitor parking is located behind our building and public parking is located near the entryway. You may enter the building through the main doors on the side of the building located just off the public parking. When you enter the building ushers/greeters will meet you and help you know where to go next.

What will I do with my children?

If you are attending Sunday School at 9:45 a.m., we have classes for ages 0 months to 11 years. If you are attending the 10:30am or 6:00pm services, you can take your children ages three and below to our nursery, where you will find a caring staff. The nursery is located just off the main entrance. If you cannot find it, ask one of our friendly folks. Children four and older can go into the main service with you. Please see our service times link for more information.

What are the worship services like?

You certainly will not find anything peculiar or unusual. Our services are a combination of the kinds of things you see in the Bible when people gathered to worship God. Singing, praying, giving, Scripture reading, and Bible teaching/preaching are all a part of our services. We think the Bible ought to be our guide in all things. Church ought to be friendly, biblical, and real. Our music is conservative using the traditional hymns of long ago coupled with special music to encourage you and lift up the name of our Lord.

If I visit, how should I dress?

The first thing we want you to know is that we welcome anyone who walks through our doors no matter what. We know God looks inside and sees the heart. We love people, and their hearts are our first concern.
In the interest of helping you feel at home, you will want to know that many who attend Riverview Baptist Church come dressed in professional casual attire. A suit and tie is certainly acceptable but not expected.
Church shouldn’t be a place where we dress to impress others with the latest fashions and since we’re coming to worship our Lord, neither should church be a place where we come sloppy. Clean, comfortable, and appropriate is welcome anywhere, even in church. No matter how you come, we will be glad you’re here.

Will I have to say anything, give anything, or do anything?

No. Only if you want to.

What makes Riverview Baptist Church a church?

While we are blessed with a great building, the church is not the building. The Bible teaches that a church is a group of people who have linked themselves to worship and serve Lord Jesus Christ together.

What sets you apart from other churches in Northeast Wisconsin?

We are not the only good church in our area but we’re different from most in that we make a strong effort to use the Bible as our instruction manual for life. We don’t exist to entertain but to be a shining light for Christ and provide Christians with the tools they need to glorify God in their personal lives. Also, it is our goal to reach others with the Gospel of Christ, so whether you are familiar with church or have never been before, we welcome you!

How do we handle money?

With care and integrity. We know that every dollar given is given to the Lord and that it is not our money. Every month our Pastor and church family review the financial reports and account for where money has been spent. Each quarter, the financial reports are presented to the church at our quarterly meetings. Each year an annual budget is prepared and presented to the church for a church-wide vote. No secrets. Our prayer is that every dollar would be spent the way God wants.

Is Riverview Baptist Church part of a larger denomination?

No. Our church functions independently of a denominational hierarchy. We are self-governed. Decisions about the direction of Riverview Baptist Church are prayerfully made by our church family, not a governing board located in another city. Not only are we independent of a denominational headquarters, we also function without a denominational spirit.

How do we practice baptism?

Every time you find baptism in the Bible, it’s a baptism of someone who has already made a decision to accept Christ as his or her Savior. We’ve searched the Bible and found that there is no such thing as the sprinkling or baptizing of babies. You may want to read the account in Acts 8:26-39 in the King James Version Bible where Phillip baptized the Ethiopian man by immersion after he put all his trust in Jesus Christ for his salvation.

I have more questions, whom can I talk to?

Our office staff or our pastor would enjoy talking with you more. Please contact us if you would like to send a message to our church offices or you can call us at 920.530.6308.