One Day at a Time Devotional

Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things.

II Timothy 2:7

 It has always been my prayer and desire to have knowledge, understanding and wisdom. So often I have prayed to God and asked this from Him for myself, my husband and my children, particularly when serving the Lord. Proverbs 2:6 clearly explains where these come from, “For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding. “ And in Proverbs 9:10 it confirms the source, ” The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”  The word, fear, is referencing a respect and reverence for God – it starts with a relationship with Christ and continues with a consistent search to know Him in a more intimate way.

Getting to Know You

When I was newly married I spent a lot of time trying to understand my husband. Often I would ask him questions about why he did certain things in a certain way. It was not because I was argumentative or unsubmissive, but it was because I wanted to understand him. Certainly, it was not my motive to hurt, frustrate, or annoy him (which at times I am sure my questions did). I have spent many years with him now and occasionally he will “pull a story out of his hat” from his past that I have never heard and again I am trying to understand him. Due to the many years that we have been married now, there have been preferences that have changed for each of us. For instance, when we were newly married, he liked his soups thick like stews, so I made it that way to please him. Now after twenty-one years, he likes his soups with more broth and now I am learning to reverse old cooking habits and understand him again. Of course, this is just one small and simple example, but I always want to be able to get to know him better and anticipate his next move- it is my way of being a better helpmeet.

And so it is with the Lord, our desire should always be to please Him and to get to know Him better. He deserves our every attention and when He surprises us or changes something in our lives, we should not respond with frustration or running away, but instead we should ask Him for understanding and His will. My desire and your desire should be to anticipate God’s next move. We should be spending so much time together with God in Bible, prayer, church attendance, etcetera that it is second nature to know His will. There will be times that He will change circumstances in our lives, but He knows what is best for us and that is when we are to seek His strength and understanding. The relationship that I have with my husband and the understanding that I have of his behaviors, likes, dislikes and so on did not happen overnight, it has taken years and still I am learning. This is true for your relationship and my relationship with God. It is clear in Isaiah 55:8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.” The only way we are going to understand God is to spend more time with Him and obediently follow His direction.

A change

Concerning following His direction, God is bringing a change into the lives of myself and my family. Soon, I no longer will be the Pastor’s wife at Riverview Baptist Church in Seymour, WI but instead I will be serving the Lord as the Evangelist’s wife. I am not sure of what God is doing, but I must be obedient to what He has chosen for our lives. Once again, I will learn a new way of living and serving God. There will be times where I do not understand what God is doing and I will have to spend extra time with Him and try to learn His will and way for me. I will have to leave off my ways and accommodate God’s, but with God all things are possible.

Speaking of change, there will be a new Pastor’s wife soon for Riverview Baptist. My prayer is that she will receive the same understanding, love, and compassion that we each desire the Lord to give us. She, her husband and their children will need understanding, patience, love and compassion as God also brings a change into their lives. They will have many victories serving God at Riverview and they will make mistakes, please pray for them as they serve the Lord in this new place.

A Sad Goodbye

Due to this new direction, this will be the last devotional written for One Day at a Time Devotionals by myself. I do not know if these will be continued in the future, but I want to thank each of you who faithfully read these. It was never my desire to share opinions or judgements, but simply to assist and encourage each of you in your walks with the Lord. I have prayed for you many times and I am thankful to be used of the Lord in this way. May each of you consider what God is doing in each of your lives and never give up on trying to understand Him.


Warm Regards,

Brandy Suri


& One Day at a Time Devotional,

a ministry of Riverview Baptist Church


Written by Jennifer Smith