One Day at a Time Devotional

For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.”

Psalm 86:5

As a new Christian, I often loved to be reminded of God’s grace and love for me. I enjoyed the opportunity to go soul-winning and tell others how good God had been to me. After thirty minutes of traveling on the church bus with thirty or more dedicated church folks, up and down the hills of Napa Valley in California we would be dropped off on a street to share the gospel. Often times we would knock on the doors of homes or we would see someone walking nearby and invite them to church. Two hours later, we were back at church sharing stories of salvations and the amount of invitations that were handed out. Our pastor would lead us in a closing song that renewed my thankfulness for God’s forgiveness in my own life. That song was, Thank You, Lord. The first verse says,


Some thank the Lord for friends and home,

For mercies sure and sweet;

But I would praise Him for His grace

In prayer I would repeat:

Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul,

Thank you, Lord, for making me whole;

Thank you, Lord, for giving to me

Thy great salvation so rich and free.


It was so encouraging to be around a group of like-minded Christians. The fellowship was sweet, fun, and exciting. It was easy to do what I knew pleased the Lord because there were those around me to keep me motivated. How thankful I was for God’s salvation in my life, for taking a broken person and making her whole and giving her friends to help her along the way.

I have now been saved for a little over eighteen years. I have not forgotten God’s loving grace in my life and I still cling to the words of this song for encouragement. Through the eighteen years that I have dedicated to God, there have been some rough roads and difficult times, but God has always been there. I am no longer surrounded by the same group of faithful church friends and through the many years of transition in my walk with God, there have been times of loneliness when it seemed no one was there to encourage me to do right.  When I experience those moments of loneliness, when it seems no one is there to encourage me or to follow God with me, God reminds me of my relationship with Him. When I get my eyes off of Christ and onto what others are doing or not doing, God challenges me just as He challenged the disciple Peter in John 21:22Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.”

In a world when life moves fast and distractions are numerous, it is easy to turn your eyes away from the Lord. Yet, we can follow Him by making an effort on a day to day basis just as the third verse of the song states,


I trust in Him from day to day,

I prove His saving grace;

I’ll sing this song of praise to Him

Until I see His face.

Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul,

Thank you, Lord, for making me whole;

Thank you, Lord, for giving to me

Thy great salvation so rich and free.


So, when you are feeling lonely, need a little encouragement, or those around you are not following Christ, remember to keep your eyes on God, thank Him and follow Him. Your relationship with Him is all that really matters.


Warm Regards,

Brandy Suri

& One Day at a Time Devotional

a ministry of Riverview Baptist Church

Written by Jennifer Smith